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USB-programmable remote controls from reliable producer
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  • Best outlooks
  • Usefully located function keys
  • Model range for all needs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful but easy to understand software
What you are getting
Main functional advantages for your pleasure and comfort
Program throw USB
Connection directly to PC via simple USB-miniUSB cable. Not needed any extra devices and codecs.
Control up to 4 devices
One remote control will help you with TV,DVD, AUX,SAT.
Increase functionality with Shift key
Standard 43 functional keys could be doubled with the help of Shift key.
More than 500 000 codes
Software provides huge data-base with regular updating.
Learning function
The best way to make an exact copy of original remote control.
MiniTV keys
Have an access to main TV functions without switching from DVD, SAT, AUX.
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  • Over 15 years of successful production!
  • European technology with Chinese prices
  • For full customization MOQ is just 3000pcs
  • CE and RoHS certificates
  • Possibility to make small orders from stock in China
  • Transport support
For companies interested in cooperation.
For happy owners of our remote controls.
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